The world of vaping is full of specific vocabulary that may be complex for someone who is just getting started with e-cigarettes. One of the concepts that you may have heard the most is sub-ohm vaping, but what does it refer to?  If you’re still not aware of what sub-ohm vaping is, here is a brief explanation of the meaning of the term and the features and benefits of this kind of vaping.

What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

The easiest thing to understand is to consider that sub-ohm vaping is the one in which you use to vape a device combined with a tank in which you are using resistances of less than 1.0 ohm.

Many devices, especially those that operate at lower powers as well as Pods, work with resistors that are usually in a power range of between 1-2ohm. However, sub-ohm devices offer less resistance when current passes through them, which is where the term sub-ohm comes from.

A thicker resistive wire lowers the resistance of the resistors since a larger surface area allows more current to flow. The easiest way to imagine this is to think of a corridor through which a certain number of people have to cross, let’s say 20. If the corridor is 10 meters long by 1 wide, it is more difficult for them to pass than if it measures the same distance in length but has a width of 3 meters, in which case people will be able to walk through it more fluidly.

Sub-ohm electronic devices are used with liquids that contain a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin (high VG). These liquids, due to their high amount of vegetable glycerin, are denser and that prevents them from going well with resistors with higher ohms (especially due to the type of drainage that these resistors carry). This is why these types of liquids are often used with sub-ohm tanks.

A good example of a sub-ohm tank is the Aspire Cleito Exo Sub-Ohm Tank, a very versatile tank that works with a wide range of sub-ohm resistors, with a good airflow system and a filling and changing resistor system.

Benefits Of Sub-Ohm Vaping

You may be wondering how my vaping experience will change if I switch to a sub-ohm device? There are several advantages to this popular vaping mode. Here we list some of its benefits.

01. Smoothness In Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping offers you the opportunity to enjoy a much smoother vaping experience. The union of liquids with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin and low levels of nicotine make sub-ohm vaping an excellent way to vape. These types of liquids with a low concentration of nicotine reduce the blow to the throat. If we use nicotine levels of 6mg or higher, the sensation in the throat will be annoying, not to mention that, as this type of vaping consumes more liquid, we will absorb a greater amount of nicotine in our body, making us feel dizzy, nauseous or uncomfortable.

02. Greater Clouds Of Vapor

If what you like is generating significant clouds of vapor, then sub-ohm vaping is your thing. This form of vaping produces a greater amount of vapor and adds a touch of fun to your vaping experience.

03. More Intense Flavors

Although propylene glycol is capable of transmitting the flavors of liquids better than vegetable glycerin, thanks to the power of the devices and the designs of the resistances that manage to vaporize a greater quantity of liquid, sub-ohm vaping are capable of achieving intense and faithful flavors to offer a great vaping experience also to those who enjoy the flavor as well as the vapor. In our online vape store, you can see a huge variety of liquids of all kinds with which you will be able to enjoy your vaping to the fullest.

Factors That Can Influence Sub-Ohm Vaping

Several factors can influence your sub-ohm vaping experiences, such as the designs or ohms of the resistors, or the power at which you are vaping. Here we show you how they can influence.

Resistor Designs

Resistors that have a wider surface area conduct electricity better because they have low resistance. If you use finer resistors, the effect is the opposite because the ohm and the output power are inversely proportional. Broadly speaking and simplifying as much as possible, the lower the resistance in a resistor, the more power we will need to heat it up and make it work at an optimal point.

The Power

Power has to do with the energy the device sends to the atomizer. The higher the power, the more heat is produced in the resistance, achieving a more intense vapor and flavor. However, it must be taken into account that they also consume more liquids and reduce the autonomy of the batteries more quickly. Another thing to appreciate is that the coils (especially the commercial ones) usually have a power range indicated for their use and, in some cases, also the optimal range for better vaping. This means that if we go over its maximum limit we can burn the resistance, getting a horrible burnt taste and even ending its shelf life in an instant. In the same way, without using less power than the resistance indicates, it may not generate steam no matter how much we suck and the only thing that will lead us is to feel frustrated.

In short, sub-ohm vaping has been a popular form of vaping for a few years now. With it, you can enjoy an experience full of steam and flavor. The liquids for this type of vaping usually come in large formats, with a high concentration of vegetable glycerin and without nicotine (thus also respecting the European TPD regulations). You can also use the classic liquids in 10ml format but it must be remembered that it is advisable not to vape at more than 3mg if we are using a sub-ohm device. Many liquids can be found in both formats and the taste will not be altered since nicotine does not modify the taste of the liquids.

We must also be aware that this type of vaping can also have some drawbacks, such as that when using more advanced devices, which have greater power and multiple options to personalize vaping, it usually requires a bit more experience in this world.

In addition, it also usually entails expenses that are usually higher than if we use simple devices or pods that work at lower power, mainly because the consumption of liquids and resistances is greater due to the power at which it is vaped to produce greater clouds. Ultimately, these are the most important details you should know if you are thinking of switching to sub-ohm vaping. Once you have seen the advantages and disadvantages, you only have to ask yourself, is this type of vaping the ideal one for me?

In the end, we hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did while writing it, and we hope that you have gained a bit of knowledge about what sub-ohm vaping is and enjoy it in your vaping moments.