You have decided to quit smoking and switch to e-cigarette, that’s great! To do this, you have opted for the vape, and it is a rational choice, this means being preferred by many smokers. In order to put the odds in your favor, there is some good advice to follow, and some mistakes you should not make. In today’s topic, we’ll be putting a light on the 05 mistakes you should avoid when you’re starting out.

1 — Don’t Be A Miser When Choosing An E-Cigarette –

Choose your vape according to your needs, not its price. It is a profitable investment in the long term. Let’s start by evacuating the annoying subject: money. One of the main motivations of smokers who wish to quit is the excessive cost of tobacco, sometimes even before their health. This is why they buy a vape kit: to save money.

The difference with the cigarette pack you buy every day, which is comparatively small, is that you’re going to have to shell out the equivalent of one to two cartridges. The average budget of a first-time vape varies between RS5000 and RS10000 Pakistani Rupees.

BUT, and this is the most important point when you have smoked your two cartridges, you have nothing left. Whereas, when you have bought a quality atomizer and battery, once your stock of liquid is exhausted or your resistance is out of order, you just have to go and buy one (average price: RS750 for about two weeks or three bottles of liquid) and a bottle of e-liquid (average price: RS1500 for a period varying according to your profile).

This is all the difference between tobacco which is consumable and the vape which is durable (with consumable parts, but for a lower budget).

The importance of not buying a vape at a discount is there. Because the more you have invested the necessary price (which is not necessarily the highest) is suitable and reliable equipment, the more likely you will be to quit smoking thanks to it and to keep it for a long time, and therefore ‘amortize.

2 — Buy Someone Else’s Kit 

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all hardware: what works for someone doesn’t have to be what you need. Choose the material that suits you, you don’t have the same needs as your neighbor.

While thinking about switching to vape, you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while who is vaping. He explains to you how much he is delighted with his equipment, that he loves his liquid, etc. You rush into a store, buy the same kit as him, you don’t like it, you tell yourself that vaping is not for you, keep on smoking and die prematurely in excruciating pain.

There are thousands of different atomizers, batteries, and mods in the vape. Literally: every week, several models are released, and some remain on the market for a very long time. And all this material is very different: power, resistance, “draft” (the volume of air available for inspiration) mean that there are several different styles of vape.

The important thing is to find the style of vape that satisfies you. Some vapers cannot do without the ” hit”, this contraction of the throat when the nicotine passes through it, while it bothers others. Some want a liquid that looks as close as possible to their cigarette, while others need to make a clean cut and go vape fruity liquids. Most importantly, not all needs are the same: someone who smokes three packs of brown cigarettes a day will not have the same needs as a person who smokes a pack of menthol a week.

The vape makes it possible to meet the majority of smokers’ profiles and their needs. The downside is that there is no such thing as a universal kit. The important thing is to try before choosing, either in-store or by testing the equipment of your entourage before buying yours.

3 — Be Aware Of Your Limits, Don’t Under Or Overestimate 

Trust the professional who advises you. There are smokers who underestimate themselves, and others who overestimate themselves. The case is relatively easy to understand: a smoker who goes into a shop, who is recommended a liquid in 18 mg of nicotine, and who asks for 6, because “well, I know what I need, with a little will, it will be fine “.

No, it won’t. The proof: you are buying a vape kit to stop smoking, it is that you are not as strong as you think. It’s tough, but be realistic: No matter how strong your character, the tobacco industry is stronger than you. The vape seller knows the scales, estimating your nicotine needs is his job. If he tells you that you need 18, then 6 will not be enough. Trust him.

Others are convinced that, because one is they created a website for their physiotherapist, or they repaired their granny’s washing machine, the technology has no secrets for them, and they buy directly. A rebuildable atomizer and a hyper-perfected triple battery mod because “well, I’m not going to play with amateur equipment”. Yes. See point four.

On the contrary, other smokers underestimate themselves, wondering if 12 mg will be enough for them. The answer is both yes and no: same as above, the seller knows what he is doing. But if you convinced yourself that it wasn’t enough anyway and you are going to fail, you will fail. For this, see the fifth point.

4 Don’t Randomly Choose A Vape, It’s Not A Toy

The vape is not a toy. Don’t choose a kit because it makes big, funny clouds, but because it replaces your tobacco needs. The vape, when you are a beginner, is not a toy. Many smokers in vape shops buy equipment just because it makes big clouds.

Making big clouds is cloud chasing. It consists, quite simply, in vaporizing as much liquid as possible, this liquid being as fatty as possible. This type of material is low in nicotine, it is designed to be fun, not effective. Those who use it are either people who quit smoking for a long time, or who continue in parallel.

The useful vape and the fun vape have two very different operating modes and requirements. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to quit smoking in order to save your life.

On the other hand, later, when the cigarette will only be a bad memory in your life, you can, if it amuses you, offer yourself this type of device, to reward yourself.

5 — Vape Helps You Quit Smoking, But It Won’t Do It For You 

Vape is a great kickstand for quitting smoking, but it’s not the whole solution. For a longer or shorter time, even if you are not irritable, you will want to smoke. Less and less, but it doesn’t prevent: just because you are vaping, during a night with smokers, you will not want to toast one.

An e-liquid containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors, and nicotine. It does not contain willpower. Certainly, they help you greatly by dispensing you from the worst manifestation of withdrawal, but you should not believe that because it is a vape that you like and that satisfies your needs that it is won. The cigarette is ingrained in you, it will beg you, it will threaten you, it will beguile you, and it will be up to you to resist.

But don’t worry: mistakes everyone makes. The biggest mistake you could make is not to quit smoking, whatever the means.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You are able to quit smoking. Stay motivated and there soon will be a day you’ll spend without thinking about smoking.