One of the decent things about using a vape device is enjoying the massive clouds. Whether you love steam tricks, take part in a competition, or just want to bask in massive clouds, many vapers love to create the largest clouds possible. However, not every vape device is capable of this, and if you are interested in “chasing the clouds”, you will need to find a device that allows you to create large clouds. The best place to start is a vape mod which is ideal for sub-ohm vaping with good airflow and low resistance winding.

Generally, vape mods are not recommended to beginners due to their complexity, which means they are better suited to more experienced users. This is also in line with users’ habits as they get more and more accustomed to vaping. For example, many newbies are switching to vape as an alternative to smoking and are simply looking for a healthier alternative to cigarettes. While long-term users tend to value their vaping experience much more and start having fun, they produce large clouds of vapor. As the user becomes more experienced with vaping, they tend to look for more advanced devices.

Sub-Ohm Vaping: The Key For Enjoying Big Clouds

Vaping with a sub-ohm is really self-explanatory, as ohm is the unit of measure used in determining the coil resistance in an e-cigarette. The coils used in vaping will work with different resistance levels, with the “sub-ohm” being less than 1.0 ohms. Low resistance coils create a lot of steam, and high resistance coils create smaller clouds. High resistance coils are suitable for most e-cigarettes and do not require a lot of battery power to use, whereas low resistance coils are only suitable for certain e-cigarettes and require much more power to operate. Coil resistance measurement is also used to determine the ideal power and output power of the device.

Of course, when you create larger clouds of vapor, you are inevitably going to use more liquid, which is one of the few disadvantages of low resistance coils. Typically, you will skip more reservoirs of fluid much faster when using sub-ohm vaping, but if you find a fluid that works for you and is affordable, it probably won’t be a problem and will still be much cheaper than smoking. However, high resistance coils use less e-liquid as they create smaller clouds, so they tend to be more suitable for beginners as they don’t understand which e-liquids they like to use.

If you are a true cloud hunter, choosing an e-cigarette to enjoy Sub-Ohm vaping is not hard. With adjustable airflow, longer battery life, and increased power output, e-cigarettes are essential. To truly personalize your vaping experience, you need a device that can be customized to suit your needs. Other devices simply don’t offer the same levels of customization and upgradeability, which means they probably won’t give you success in certain areas. Take an atomizer, for example. This is a small part of the device and has nothing to do with the power output or resistance level of the coil, but it is a very important part, especially if you are going through a lot of liquid. On small devices, such as POD systems or other e-cigarettes, the reservoir is relatively small and often cannot be upgraded. This means that you are likely to burn a lot of liquid in a short amount of time if the tank does not have the capacity to support Sub-Ohming.

The same can be said for the battery and its ability to provide you with energy for extended periods. Basic starter kits often favor portability and understated design overpower and usability, resulting in these devices often lacking battery life. While the batteries in these devices will be suitable for a high resistance coil that requires less power, they are simply not powerful enough for sub-ohm vaping in most cases. Since low resistance coils require a lot of power, you’ll need a decent-sized battery to provide the coil with enough power and long enough life to run all day – unless you want to sit by the charger for half a day. Another bonus of using sub-ohm vaping mods is the ability to upgrade important components like the battery. If you are hungry for more power, or the battery is simply not what it used to be, you can easily upgrade it.


How Does Power Affect Cloud Size?

There are many different factors that can affect your vaping experience and overall cloud size, from battery and coil to tank size and power. While you may not have thought that the power of an e-cigarette would have anything to do with the amount of vapor produced, it is actually one of the key factors in the formation of large clouds of vapor. Basically, more power means big clouds, so if you use 60W of power, you get much larger clouds than if you use 30W of power. But take your time, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on if you are going to increase power.

By increasing the power (which is supplied to the coil), you increase the amount of heat in the coil, which creates more vapor from the liquid absorbed by the cotton. Due to the increased indirect heat, you also need to increase the airflow to prevent overheating. If you don’t increase the airflow as the power increases, you risk overheating the device and the coil will burn out much faster. Of course, this will also affect the actual temperature of the steam, and while some prefer hotter steam than others, it can make the steam harder on the throat if the temperature is too high. As the airflow increases through the vape, the steam will be cooler and make inhalation smoother than if the airflow were restricted.

As you adjust the airflow to balance the power, you will notice a change in inhalation resistance. More restricted airflow will result in a stronger attraction and more like a cigarette, which may be preferable for users who use a vape to quit smoking, to satisfy their habit. More airflow means much weaker resistance and colder vapor. This increased airflow encourages larger clouds as you can inhale more vapor.

As you increase the power, this will have a knocking effect and mean that you will need to make sure that the other components of the e-cigarette can handle the higher power.

While there are many guidelines on which settings are the best choices for cloud hunters, the choice will ultimately be yours. Higher wattage may mean hotter vaping, which might be what you want, or you may need to increase airflow and select a lower wattage to get your preferred vaping style, but that’s what makes vaping so special! With e-cigarette mods, you have the ability to completely personalize your experience. Controlling power, airflow, and other settings allow you to fine-tune your experience to your liking, which you cannot do with simpler devices.


How To Get Denser Clouds?

If you are not familiar with the specifics of vaping and liquids as an ingredient, you might think that the more you breathe in, the thicker the clouds you create will be. However, e-liquid does not get denser just because there is more of it, it all depends on the ingredients in the vapor. E-liquids are composed of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol), and different e-liquids will have different proportions. Finding a liquid with the right balance of these two ingredients is key to creating the biggest clouds ever. Knowing which liquid to choose for the best clouds or scent is something that will come with experience when you better understand exactly what you want to have for a vaping experience.

Generally, if you want larger and thicker clouds of vapor, you should choose an e-liquid with a higher VG to PG ratio. The VG / PG ratio will be displayed on the liquid, making it easier to find the right one. If your PG to VG ratio is higher, you will get much stronger flavors and a sharper throat punch, which means the clouds will be more subtle as you exhale. This is why it is so important to know your fluids, otherwise, you may end up choosing a fluid with the wrong VG / PG ratio and when you try to take a big breath it can be extremely unpleasant for your throat.

To enjoy the best quality clouds, you will need the highest quality kit that you can tweak to achieve all the different settings we mentioned above. After all, it is futile to choose a beginner’s device and try to use it for professional-grade results. Choosing a quality vape mod to get the best Sub-Ohm experience is the best way to enjoy the biggest clouds, satisfying even the most avid cloud hunters. Plus, you can easily make changes to your vape mod if you need more power, more tank volume, or coil upgrades.

We hope these tips will help you casting huge clouds from your e-cigarettes. If you’re searching for vape price pakistan, you can checkout our vape shop for top-quality e-cigarettes, vape flavours, e-liquids and much more.